Some people are still surprised or, because of cognitive dissonance, unable to even acknowledge  Main Stream Media is a controlled media “presentation”, streamed twenty four hours a day –  a for-agenda political reality only production.

Creating impressions via political comment, constructing perceptions by inventing or parroting a political narrative, the mainstream media fabricates a cloud of reality which is blended into the consciousness of the mass media consumer, taken as truth, and causing action and reaction according to the political agenda.

For the first 6 decades after the invention of mass media and before almost all the media had been digested(assimilated) into the mainstream-media Borg Collective, a monolithic, Orwellian, media monopoly –  it was difficult to see, explain, and convince most that much of what was reported as news, and explained as reality based events, were even in the early days fakes or fabricated in some way to facilitate those who would be the culture-reality creators masters of today.   But it is no longer hard to see the fabricators at work, busy sawing and hammering away at reality and replacing it with a manufactured, less sturdy, plastic, flimsy reality created as a stage on which the powerful, very small in numbers, control the minds of a vast sea zombie like people.  People unable to think critically, or even formulate a question in face of this powerful imposter of authority.

However long before the Internet, thinkers like Marshall McLuhan, had already decided Mass Media was not truth, but rather “All media exists to invest our lives with artificial perception and arbitrary values.”


Here we again see CNN creating fake news to influence the millions with impressions which, if allowed to linger as truth, would distort the condition of the world, implying that Russia was an enemy of the Western world and in the end promoting, by induction, an eventual  confrontation between the USA and Russia. Isn’t it time CNN’s power plug was pulled?


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