Fake News creates a political reality, the mainstream media, all of it, reinforces, in lock step, the fabricated event or invented idea. Hollywood and the political-reality-history production industry places these events in time for future authenticity by creating movies and updating history books and educational curriculum.

For Centuries this method of creating false stories, providing synchronized, mainstream acknowledgement and then sanctification by introducing the lie into recorded history and disseminating this lie via public education has worked like majic.

But, those days are coming to an end, at least for now.  The Internet, handheld cameras and mass production of reference, truth-exploring videos, books and spoken word, via radio, internet audio and documentaries are putting pressure on the veracity of the falsified event, news, or fabricated history.

It is not enough to just fake a bombing with causalities, like the fake Boston Bombing, because these faked events are now filmed, analyzed and are easily shown to be poor, sloppy and incredible (unbelievable) fakes.  The players in the Sandy Hook Hoax, for example, were just average dumbed down Americans, forced to keep straight a story which failed miserably the plausibility test (smell test) from the start — it has fallen apart. The only question remains when will people go to jail and the 100+ million dollars of stolen donations returned ?

Now we see clearly the menacing monopoly-owned Media’s complicity, all owned by the same people, protected by captured government regulatory bodies –  all working toward a goal to destroy truth, nationalism, racial genetics, and the creation of a One World Government.

We can now see the real agenda, the cloaking of “its too big of a lie to be true”, is failing, and the long dismissed, by the largest portions of the population, programmed to not see it by the mainstream media, Hollywood, and scripted education system, as “that’s just a conspiracy theory” no longer holds power over the mind.

“This cannot be true” has been the mantra of the masses, sheltering in the comfort of cognitive dissonance, however “cannot be true” has been the cloak for something many have known for a long time is menacingly true.

Below the video explains media complicity in the Lies of 9-11, the Iraq War, and the Clinton Campaign of 2016 — Excellent examples of lies to big to be fake  – which were.

It is here we can learn how our controllers use fake news to signal where the agenda is going next; how they prepare the mind through repetition across all of their owned “mainstream” – the main-messages streaming around the clock to your mind – for the next move.


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