According to the Story at  ” A PV journalist covertly filmed a candid discussion with CNN [health] producer John Bonifield, where the “Very Fake News” network employee admitted that the whole Russia story against President Trump is nothing more than a ratings grab by CNN’s CEO Jeff Zucker – based on the fact that most of CNN’s liberal audience wants to see the President go down in flames.”

It is clear CNN constantly creates News rather than reports news, but the reasons are not about ratings. CNN’s ratings are secondary to the Zionist/Communist (ZioCom) agenda to eventually destroy the national construct of organic America and to foster chaos and disinformation facilitating group in-fighting and violent division in the United States of America.  This goal, abundant evidence is apparent based on historical reviews of all attempts at causing “revolution” through careful agitation, has been stated by Zionists, Bankers, Communist propagandist, public white papers, speeches, meetings (CFR, Bilderberg, Club of Rome and others)  and is clearly evident by the hateful and insidious behavior of the fully controlled mainstream media, including CNN.

CNN and nearly all of the mainstream publications are under the control of Zionists. Zionist Jeff Zucker has historically supported the communist platform blossoming under the political machinations of the Democratic Party including the Clintons, Obama and a seething underbelly of Democratic Party programs created to destabilize America through racial tensions, illegal immigration, the Department of Education, wealth transfers through deficit spending and the collapse of the American standard of living.

CNN, Zucker, MSNBC, CBS, and other “mainstream-monopoly-media”, fiercely supported Obama, the Clintons and communist candidates like Bernie Sanders. The Communist party also threw in their support these candidates, as their platforms, and socio-economic agenda are consistent with Zionist Communist agenda to create a new Bolshevik style takeover in American and the West.

The truth of the matter is becoming clear, there’s a battle brewing between a small group of wealthy-from-theft technocrats working to destroy Western, especially European, culture and eventually eliminate the white race as a whole and those – whose numbers are far greater –  but lack the moral confidence and the economic resources to call to arms all people who, unlike the Democratic Party, do not support slavery, the end of nationalism and the sacrifice of races to gods of modernities fabricated morals and plastic, television streamed, culture.

It’s time CNN lose it advertisers, viewers and eventually their channels – as Truth Prevails.

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