The next installment in a steady-stream of we “keep getting caught lying”, CNN announces “Congress was investigating a Russian investment fund with ties to Trump officials.”  The story, penned by Pulitzer-Prize-winning reporter Thomas Frank, made the claim “The fund CEO met in January with a member of the Trump transition team“, while claiming Trump transition team member, Anthony Scaramucci, had been meeting with Fund CEO and speculated there may have been discussions about lifting Russian Sanctions which might help provide more international interest in the Russian Fund.

This story survived only 36 hours before CNN quietly removed the story.  An apology was issued to Anthony Scaramucci, presumably for lying.

CNN is part of a Propaganda-Media-Network, which includes all Mainstream Television News, and Newspaper, Magazines and other media which presents itself as “reality-like programming”, focussing on propaganda to promote the agenda of the Zionist/Communist Banking Empire which is actively seeking to destroy nation-states and facilitate the launch of the New World Order.

Again, shouldn’t CNN be investigated for violation of “Public Trust” rules on the basis of its long and continuing history of lying to the public? Shouldn’t CNN’s licenses to broadcast on all FCC controlled frequencies be repealed ?

The full story is here:


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