Why the  “MaComey Expected To refute TrumpinStream” media?  ‘Stream” because they stream 24-7 – your thoughts, your opinions, your reactions to social stimuli and the result is a streaming culture and fabricated collective consciousness. They are “Main” because through bribery, blackmail and murder the controllers own all the media, (print, television, video, magazines, movies and more) people are encouraged to consume.  MSM Media like CNN, MSNBC, FOX, ABC, NPR, and others, rely heavily on the idea of the “Anonymous” source and that’s, of course, precisely what you would expect when the story is manufactured by the intelligence agencies in the back room.  Here’s another an example of CNN spinning a story using “anonymous” instead of a real verifiable source and finding themselves exposed again.

Looks Like CNN’s Anonymous Sources Got This One Wrong


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